Fall 2017 Impacts

Anchorage Project AccessAnchorage Project Access


Anchorage Project Access is a physician-led volunteer network providing low-income and uninsured Alaskans access to primary care, dental care, hospitals, imaging centers, therapists, ancillary and other support services.

Funding will support Anchorage Project Access primary care and dental services.

Asian-Pacific-Health.jpgAsian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc.


Asian Pacific Health Care Venture provides comprehensive health care services including health education programs, fitness and nutrition activities, integrated behavioral health, case management, individualized screenings, in-person enrollment assistance and interpretation services annually to more than 14,000 patients who are at or below 200% of Federal poverty level.

Funding will support Caregiver Support Groups and workshops for managing Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.

SMART Medical Clearance ProgramCommunity Service, Education and Research fund of the SEDMS


Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society's SMART Medical Clearance program was designed to standardize clearance protocol for psychiatric patients in emergency departments, reducing overutilization, overtreatment, extended wait times and other issues within Emergency Departments.

Funding will support training opportunities for the SMART Medical Clearance program throughout the state of California and nationally.

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