COVID-19 Relief & Response Campaign

About the COVID-19 Relief & Response Campaign

To extend the reach of the NORCAL Group Foundation's standard funding cycles in this extraordinary time of need, this special 2020 funding campaign was launched to award specific grants that support COVID-19 Relief and Response efforts by 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organizations that serve the healthcare community.

Campaign Target Areas

  • Virtual Telehealth
  • Caregiver Counseling
  • Protective Equipment

How to Apply:

  • The COVID-19 Special Campaign Application Process closed on June 12, 2020

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Organizations seeking funding must qualify as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Is eligibility for this special COVID-19 campaign limited to specific states?

  • Applications are open to eligible organizations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

What amount should my organization request?

  • A $10,000 maximum is requested to afford our ability to impact the greatest number of grant applicants.

Are there any exclusions to funding?

Due to the specific targets of this campaign, the following requests will not be considered for funding:
  • Individuals seeking personal assistance or scholarships.
  • Fundraising event sponsorships.
  • Projects seeking to promote religious or political objectives.
  • Construction, building enhancements or refurbishment.
  • General operating costs or capital campaigns.

Do I need an affiliation with NORCAL Group in order to apply?

  • It is not a requirement to have an affiliation with NORCAL Group in order to apply, or to be considered for a grant award. However, there is an opportunity to identify the grant applicant as a policyholder, or provide a referral letter from a current NORCAL Group insured, agent/broker, or employee, or a medical society with which NORCAL Group maintains an active endorsement, sponsorship, or insurance program.

Can my organization submit more than one Grant Application?

  • Yes, however you must submit individual requests for each program/project.

Will all grant requests be funded?

  • Unfortunately, not all requests will be funded as we anticipate a high volume of applications from many worthy organizations during this special grant cycle and are unable to fund all requests.

What helps make an application successful?

  • Demonstrated alignment with the Special COVID-19 Relief & Response campaign's three target areas: Virtual Telehealth, Caregiver Counseling or Protective Equipment.
  • Answering all questions completely in addition to providing requested documentation.

Will NORCAL Group Foundation award partial grants?

  • Yes.

Can I save an online application to submit at a later time?

  • Yes. During an open grant cycle, the online application allows users to save their answers and resume at a later time.
  • Please note that required attachments, located in the final section, will not be saved between sessions.

When will my organization be notified if a grant is awarded?

  • Given the time-sensitive nature of the situation, we will review your application as soon as possible and work to get back in touch within 10 - 20 business days of application.

Will my organization be notified if our program/initiative is not selected?

  • Yes, all applicants will be notified of selection status.

Who can I contact with additional questions about the information above?